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We are a team of people who spend most of their professional lives engaged in information technology, process and project management, automation of various business and production tasks.
  • 10+ Years in the market
  • 30+ Experienced engineers
  • 90+ Satisfied B2B clients
  • 250+ Mounted server racks
  • 115+ Implemented projects
  • 3000+ Installed cameras
  • 2000+ Office equipment units for maintenance

Services and Solutions

  • Supplies
  • Design
  • Engineering systems
  • Computing infrastructure
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Technical support and outsourcing
  • Software Development
  • Equipment Supply of server and telecommunication equipment, workstations and office equipment of leading manufacturers.
  • Software Supply of operating systems and office suites, antivirus and backup software, databases and development tools, CAD and graphics programs.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Creating information models using BIM technology. Architectural and construction engineering. Creating visual representations of simulated processes of building and functioning of objects.
  • LAN and SCS Creation of highly reliable, loaded network infrastructures uniting distributed networks of organizations, Data Centers, Remote objects. The solutions are aimed at meeting the needs of the rapid growth in the amount of data that needs to be transferred, providing uptime of system components.
  • Video Surveillance Construction of video surveillance systems. Analysis of the goals and objectives of the organization, development of technical specifications for design, development of a set of project documentation, equipment supply, installation and further service support.
  • ACS Building systems for organizing personnel access. Creation of a time tracking system based on the analysis of the time of arrival / departure of an employee from the territory of the enterprise or workplace. Integration of ACS with a fire alarm and video surveillance system for a comprehensive solution of security problems.
  • Audit IT infrastructure Updating the current state of IT infrastructure, analysis for compliance with best practices and recommendations of manufacturers. Preparing a conclusion on the current situation in information systems, server, network and other equipment, basic and applied systems and applications. Development of a plan for the modernization of IT infrastructure. Search "bottlenecks " in information systems.
  • Data Centers Optimization and modernization of existing server rooms and data centers.
  • Virtualization of client workstations Design, implement solutions that provide users with personalized access to applications and data from virtually anywhere and from any device. It allows you to centralize maintenance, simplifies deployment, configuration, configuration and application updates, allows you to monitor the infrastructure in accordance with security requirements.
  • Building a Private Cloud Creating a cloud infrastructure for the consolidation and provision of IT resources of the company on demand, in order to reduce operating costs for maintaining the IT infrastructure and reduce the risks associated with information security.
  • Building, modernizing and migrating IT infrastructure Planning and commissioning of new IT systems. Integration of new systems into existing infrastructure. Migration as part of the implementation of IT infrastructure.
  • Building Computing Platforms Calculation of computing power for specific tasks - databases, enterprise management systems, mail systems and other business tasks. Building hardware and software platforms with increased requirements for ensuring reliable functioning .
  • Server resource virtualization Design, implementation of cluster virtualization platforms. The basis and foundation of modern IT infrastructure. Provides the ability to run many instances of various operating systems within a single hardware platform (server), implement them high availability, significantly increase the speed of implementation of new business systems, reduce capital and operating costs for planting data centers.
  • Telephone Systems (IP Telephony), Voice Recognition, Robotic Voip Systems Construction of modern digital and hybrid systems with the ability to connect analog subscribers for distributed branch structures. Construction of modern unified communications systems including:                             
    • VOIP telephony
    • DECT telephony
    • Wi-Fi telephony
    • Multi-threaded video communication
    • Automated order processing and customer call systems
  • Wireless Access Networks Design and construction of modern data transmission systems based on wireless communication channels.
  • Communication channels Design, organization of broadband communication channels in cooperation with telecom operators.
  • WAN Channel Optimization Increasing the speed of data transfer between branches without changing the network topology and operating expenses for expanding the channel, through the use of block deduplication, compression and prioritization technologies.
  • Corporate mail system and unified communications Solutions to increase productivity and efficiency of employees' working hours by choosing the best option for communications regardless of the location of employees. Using HTTPS, SSL / TLS protocols provides a secure data exchange.
  • Dispatch systems Dispatch systems Design and implementation of engineering equipment control systems for multifunctional facilities with complex engineering infrastructure, such as office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, data centers, as well as industrial complexes and other industrial enterprises.
  • Monitoring and control systems Building systems for monitoring the quality of data transmission networks and business applications, monitoring the availability and performance of services from the point of view of end users. Tracking changes in the operation of the infrastructure. Centralized management IT infrastructure: servers, workstations, active network equipment.
  • Back up and archive data Design and implementation of backup systems and data archiving. Increase the availability of enterprise IT services by reducing recovery time in case of emergency. Minimize the negative impact of software failures and equipment for the organization’s business process. Information lifecycle management. Documentation of backup procedures, development of regulations, instructions and plans for recovery from failures.
  • Storage systems for medical images in accordance with the medical industry standard DICOM Design and implementation of systems for storing, transmitting and visualizing digital medical images and documents of examined patients in medical institutions.
  • IT outsourcing of the operations service Assisting the Customer in the implementation of non-core routine tasks of operating IT services with guaranteed availability, such as: basic administration of services, user services, implementation of the first or second line of IT support -services, providing standard IT services for business customers (mail, messengers, etc.). It allows you to reduce the financial and time costs of IT, transfer risks to the business on the performer, the ability to focus on IT development.
  • Technical support for software and hardware systems Serving as separate units of supported hardware and software, as well as solutions in general with guaranteed recovery time and scheduled scheduled maintenance. Allows you to provide a single entry point for maintenance , improving the reliability of the functioning of IT infrastructure and attracting experts to solve complex integration problems.
  • Software Development Integration, customization, solution of applied tasks in the field of software. Programming for any OS and platform.

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